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Yeast Foods Such As Steamed Bread And Bread Protect The Liver
- Nov 30, 2018 -

is flour food likewise, the steamed bread that can ferment, bread is richer than the food that does not ferment such as big cake, noodle nutrition.Why?Research has shown that yeast not only changes the structure of dough to make it softer and more palatable, but also greatly increases the nutritional value of steamed bread and bread.

Yeast protects the liver.

There are many ways to make flour fermentation, such as baking soda fermentation, old dough fermentation, yeast fermentation and so on.

These methods are the same in principle, is through the starter in the dough to produce a large amount of carbon dioxide gas, cooking process, carbon dioxide heated expansion, so that the pasta becomes soft and delicious.

However, the first two methods have their drawbacks. Bicarbonate of soda will seriously damage the B vitamins in flour, and the fermentation of old dough will make the dough sour. Only yeast fermentation can not only make the pasta taste good, but also improve its nutritional value.

Yeast is divided into fresh yeast, dry yeast two kinds, is a kind of edible, nutrition rich single-celled microorganisms, nutrition called it "inexhaustible nutrition source".In addition to protein, carbohydrate and lipid, yeast is rich in many vitamins, minerals and enzymes.It has been proved by experiments that every kilogram of dry yeast contains protein equivalent to 5 kilograms of rice, 2 kilograms of soybeans or 2.5 kilograms of pork.Therefore, steamed bread, bread contained in the nutritional composition than large cakes, noodles to 3~4 times higher, protein increased nearly 2 times.Yeast after fermentation is also a strong antioxidant, can protect the liver, has a certain detoxification.Selenium, chromium and other minerals in yeast can resist aging, tumor, arteriosclerosis, and improve human immunity.After fermentation, phytic acid in flour, which affects the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron and other elements, can be decomposed to improve the absorption and utilization of these nutrients.