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Scientists Have Produced Yeast That Can Live For Up To 800 Years
- Nov 19, 2018 -

The team, led by Longo of the university of southern California, has genetically engineered and nutritionally controlled yeast to live up to 10 times longer than normal -- the equivalent of living to "800 years" under yeast dating.The result represents a major step forward in extending the lifespan of cells, the basic building blocks of life.

The researchers knocked out two genes in bread yeast (RAS2 and SCH9) that cause yeast to age and, in humans, cause cancer.It also strictly limits yeast calorie intake.Results the maximum lifespan of yeasts increased to 10 weeks (usually 1 week) and no significant side effects were found.The achievement is unprecedented, and the national institute on aging is funding the research in the hope that it will eventually lead to ways to extend human life.

In many species, from yeast to mice, scientists have shown that caloric restriction can actually reduce disease and prolong life.The reason, the researchers speculate, is that nutrient shortfalls allow the body to move into a maintenance mode in which energy used for growth and reproduction is diverted to anti-aging systems.Yeast is also an ideal model for studying anti-aging genes, and scientists have used them to find a series of important genes that regulate the growth, aging, disease and death.A previous study found that mice that had a mutation in a gene that Longo's team found increased their lifespan by 30 percent and did not have heart and bone disease.