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Why Should Human Body Complement Enzymatic Element
- Dec 21, 2018 -
  • Why should human body complement enzymatic element?

Without enzymes, there would be no life.

The newest research abroad shows, enzymatic inadequacy is the first big killer of health.All diseases, from cancer to the mild cold, have a common root cause -- a deficiency of enzymes.If enzyme levels rise in the body, the disease disappears.Conversely, lower levels of enzymes can lead to disease and even death.

The human body is like a delicate chemical factory. Enzymes are needed all the time for complex chemical reactions.

There are many reasons why enzymes disappear from the body. Apart from air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, food pollution, noise, and the following:

1. Increasing age;

2 poor diet and living habits, such as partial food (especially do not eat lettuce) cause nutritional imbalance;

Eat over-processed and cooked foods.Improper processing or cooking (cooking at high heat) can destroy enzymes;

4. Addicted to stimulating and stimulating drinks or food, such as coffee and alcohol;

5. Long-term drug use;

6. Emotional instability and long-term stress;

7. Colds, fever and bacterial infection;

Obesity, weak immunity, aging function decline.