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Australian Scientists Use Yeast Combinations To Control The Aroma Of Wine
- Dec 07, 2018 -

The research was revealed last month at the society's symposium on selected yeasts, held by Lallemand of bordeaux.

A combination of selected yeasts can improve the aroma of a wine during fermentation to the satisfaction of the winemaker, prittolis said.This is just a yeast composition study and does not change the internal genes of yeast.

Scientists have been inspired by metabolomics to improve the quality, aroma and taste of wine by selecting the right yeast strains."The yeast gives the wine its personality, but the berries are the infrastructure," says pretorius.

Research has shown that wine's subtle differences depend on the addition of metabolites (compounds produced by biological metabolism) and on differences between berries and yeast.

Scientists may be able to control the effects of wine through yeast physiology studies, including berry selection, fermentation monitoring, component variation, yeast hybridization and genetic engineering, prittolis said.

Yeast hybridization has yielded very good laboratory results, for example, if a winemaker wants a wine that is low in alcohol and has a strong fruity flavor, it can be done with yeast hybridization."This technique is not mysterious, but it can greatly enhance the flavour of the wine.