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How Should The Unconsumed Yeast Be Preserved
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Proper storage of active dry yeast

The yeast can be stored at room temperature for about 1 year, with a shelf life of no less than 6 months without refrigeration.

Active dry yeast is a pressed yeast with strong vitality, after low temperature dehydration of dry bacteria, moisture content 7% 8.5%, before use need 30 ℃ warm water activation, fermenting power is high, so the price is higher.

The correct method for storage of high-active dry yeast

Highly active dry yeast storage life can reach more than two years, shelf life not less than 12 months, without low temperature storage, placed in below 20 ℃ in a cool, dry place.

High active dry yeast fermentation speed is fast, solubility is good, moisture content is 5%-6%, easy to use, do not need to be activated in advance, use less and fermentation speed is fast.

Proper storage of fresh yeast

0 ~ 4 ℃ (no more than 6 ℃) cold storage environment can keep 45 days (not frozen).

The unsteady activity of fresh yeast, the extension of storage time and the improper storage conditions will rapidly reduce the activity of yeast, but the fresh yeast has great fermentation power, strong fermentation endurance, great aftereffect, good blast capacity and slightly cheaper price.