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The Cultivation Method Of Low-sugar Yeast
- Jul 27, 2018 -

How can yeast survive in an environment that is above 7% sugar concentrations, and we can now usually do this in two ways: First, through the selection of internal factors.

This is the breeding experts in the breeding of yeast strains, they "choose" to pass through the natural environment has "the fittest" of the resistance of different osmotic pressure yeast strains, these strains on sugar, salt solution has different adaptability. Secondly, through the control of external factors. is to provide a high osmotic pressure or low osmotic pressure environment in the yeast culture, which can improve the adaptability of yeast to osmotic pressure. Based on these two methods, we can produce yeast of high sugar and low sugar type.

High sugar yeast is suitable for making sweet bread, even in the 30% sugar concentration of yeast still has a good fermentation capacity; low sugar yeast suitable for sugar-free or sugar-less steamed bread, European staple bread and other fermented foods, in the sugar-free dough with excellent fermentation capacity. In short, high sugar yeast and low sugar yeast is the purpose of the yeast in their different environments can fully produce gas, the dough to maximize the expansion of the fluffy, to make better quality products.