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The Basic Research Of Yeast Feed Needs To Be Strengthened
- Sep 29, 2018 -

Yeast is a kind of nutrition is rich, the first comprehensive protein raw materials, but compared with the ordinary protein raw material, its composition containing high content, which has the function of specific components, such as those with strong disease and food calling function of nucleic acids (nucleotides), the content is about 20 times of fish meal, with enhanced immune to high levels of glucan and mannan, etc.For example, enterprises all emphasize the nucleic acid (nucleotide) nutrition of yeast. However, the optimal amount of nucleic acid (nucleotide) added in different animals or the same animals at different growth stages and how to supplement nucleic acid (nucleotide) nutrition reasonably are rarely studied systematically by enterprises.Of course, this is a big system project, and it is very difficult to complete all the test data by just one enterprise.A small number of companies capable of conducting evaluation tests are highly secretive about the data they collect.Therefore, many enterprises talk about innovation, in fact, it is hard to avoid the embarrassment of building cars behind closed doors.

At present, the cooperation between enterprises and universities and scientific research institutions is not close enough.If we want to strengthen the basic research of yeast-derived biological feed and do not include these universities and scientific research institutions, it is actually a huge waste of resources.

Yeast feed standard setting is relatively backward

At present, only feed yeast, feed active dry yeast and fermented soybean meal have relevant national standards or industrial standards in the yeast-derived biological feed, among which feed yeast is still following the industry standard established in 1994.In 2008, the national standard was formulated with the standard number of GB/T 22547-2008.Fermented soybean meal NY/T 2218-2012 was formulated in December 2012 and implemented in March 2013.Like other widely used products, such as yeast enzymolymer, yeast selenium, yeast cell wall polysaccharide, etc., there are no relevant national standards.

No rules, no standards.Lack of standards will inevitably lead to price confusion in the market, quality differences, which in turn will restrict the promotion of these products.In fact, feed mills and farmers are now surprised when the price of a new source-derived biofeed reaches more than 20 yuan/kg.Some yeast products they used or are using in the past cost only 4-5 yuan/kg.

SEP.29, 2018

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