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Huazhong Agricultural University Master's Degree In Probiotics Rice Paddy Raised Crayfish Successful Venture
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Feed the crayfish to the intestinal probiotics lactobacillus, provide the growth of the shrimp protein bacteria yeast, for the shrimp to help the growth of the protein bacteria globula, photosynthetic bacteria fertilizer, rainy days to provide stable water phase diatoms, clean bacteria nitrification bacteria and denitrification bacteria, bacillus decomposition organics.Bacillus can not only fertilize water clean water, but also deal with the underwater crop in the rice field.

"When it comes to raising crayfish, people think it's good to have fat or dirty water, but it's not.Crayfish also like an ecological, organic environment."On October 20, Yang yuwen smiled at the rural news media reporters do popular science.

As a graduate of huazhong agricultural university, Yang yuwen raised shrimp with her specialty of "microbiology".In this year's provincial countryside practical talent entrepreneurship innovation project creative competition, his "hilly spring shrimp raising project" was recognized by the experts.

In 2016, Yang yuwen, who majored in biochemistry and molecular biology, graduated from huannong and was hired as a technician by the company with a basic salary of 10,000 yuan a month. Yang declined."My mother had chronic leukemia, my father had a brain hemorrhage and had a craniotomy, and I had to go home."In Yang's opinion, supporting and caring for parents is the most important thing.

Yang went back to his hometown of wangzhai village, a town in dwu county, and rented 50 mu of land to raise shrimp with high-quality natural spring water.In the daytime soak in water, the evening to the aquaculture professional brothers and the master of aquaculture to ask for advice, Yang yu did not care about the cold weather, every day in water for a few hours.Within three months, he had put himself through the rheumatism.

In the process of exploring, Yang found that the current use of chemicals in shrimp breeding is relatively common."Can you replace chemicals with biological agents?"Yang's idea attracted the attention of fellow researcher tang yabin, an alumnus and a standard-setter for Chinese rice shrimp farming."Professor liu ziduo, my supervisor, recommended experts to him. His seniors from the fisheries college helped him improve the quality of shrimp.We work together to develop microbiological preparations suitable for crayfish farming.

Talking about their biological agents "assassin's mace", Yang Yuwen without reservation: "to feed crayfish intestinal probiotics, lactic acid bacteria for the larvae grow bacteria protein yeast, provide protein helps the growth of bacteria for prawns chlorella, fertilizer as photosynthetic bacteria, rainy day is to provide a stable aqueous diatoms, water purification nitrifying bacteria and denitrifying bacteria, bacillus, break down organic matter.Bacillus can not only fertilize water clean water, but also deal with the underwater crop in the rice field.

No one expected that the seemingly "advanced" microbiological preparation for shrimp actually lowered the cost of breeding.If chemical medicine is used, the shrimp pond needs to be used once a week, and the cost of 1 mu is more than 4 yuan, while the cost of biological preparation is about 1 yuan.Besides, the cooked crayfish has good luster and no smell, and the meat is fresh and elastic after steaming."The net profit of an acre of prawns is at least 6,000 yuan."Yang yuwen said that in the high-quality environment of his hometown, crayfish can be harvested and put in rotation, with 5 to 6 crops a year, 3 more than in plain areas.The output of crayfish was stable from June to August, and the plains lost more than 80 percent of their production, filling the market demand from June to August.

At the end of last year, Yang yuwen's microorganism fed shrimp classics, which were transmitted to CCTV.Three months ago, he filed a patent for his entire technology and use of bacteria.Yang yuwen's goal is to build the province's first "hilly area biological preparation shrimp breeding demonstration base"."It's never a secret what bacteria my shrimp fields contain.Whether it is usually for the villagers to popularize science, or to participate in the competition, I will tell.Yang said that this year, he led nearly 300 households in his county and neighboring counties to raise the per-mu yield to 250 jin from 150 jin.When quality is improved, the price per catty is increased by 2-5 yuan, and restaurants and families in places like wuhan and Beijing are in short supply.