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Reflections On The Healthy Development Of Yeast Feed Market
- Nov 15, 2018 -

According to the feed industry information network of guangdong province, in today's food safety and environmental protection is highly valued, the attention to yeast source feed will be a global trend.In the future, the government will encourage large-scale and standardized breeding, focus on preventing and controlling pollution from large-scale breeding of livestock and poultry, and ensure feed safety and quality safety of livestock products. If we can firmly seize the opportunity of transformation and upgrading of livestock feed industry, yeast products will show a faster and stronger development momentum.

It is imperative for this emerging industry to face up to the difficulties, resolutely discard malicious competition, adhere to win-win cooperation, take the road of technological innovation and use better products to truly bring value to users.Its sustainable and healthy development still requires joint efforts and joint efforts.

From the perspective of enterprises, the current production scale of yeast source biological feed production enterprises is relatively small, with an average annual output of less than 5,000 tons, and there is a general lack of emphasis on technology and investment.In addition, the price of yeast raw materials has risen rapidly due to the expansion of global yeast production capacity.This situation is very unfavorable to the yeast production enterprises whose core competitiveness is relatively weak.All yeast - derived biological feed production enterprises should be vigilant: can not go back to the development of enzyme preparations, micro-ecological preparations.

There is still a great space for technological innovation and many blind spots for yeast source biological feed, which is a great development opportunity for all enterprises in the future.Any technological breakthrough may lead to a cost advantage and an early break from homogeneous competition.But the premise is that companies need to be patient and determined to build a technological edge.