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Production Process Of Feed Yeast
- Aug 13, 2018 -

The process of liquid fermentation includes the preparation of medium, yeast propagation, yeast separation, enrichment and drying processes. Yeast breeding needs to have suitable medium (such as certain sugar concentration and nitrogen, phosphorus and other salts) and breeding conditions (such as temperature, PH, oxygen). Within a certain temperature range, the yeast growth rate increases with the temperature increases (for example, 28 ℃ is faster than 13 ℃). Usually the temperature with 28~38℃, ph 3.5~5.5 suitable. Oxygen is generally used to solve the air method. The larger the air volume or the greater the contact surface between the air and the fermentation liquid, the more favorable the fermentation, the higher the sugar concentration. Usually, the propagation of the fungus is carried out in the continuous fermentation cylinder, the yeast is separated and condensed by high speed centrifuge, and can be condensed by chemical condensation method. Drying commonly used drum dryer or spray dryer.