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Product Characteristics Of Feed Yeast
- Aug 17, 2018 -

⒈ protein utilization rate is high, the apparent digestibility of the growth pig to YC protein is 89.3%, the layer is 91.1%.

⒉ improve production performance, can effectively promote growth, increase the daily weight, feed remuneration and reproductive performance.

⒊ reduces the feed cost, can replace most or all fishmeal in the ration, can reduce the cost 40-100 yuan/ton.

⒋ safety, no salmonella and other harmful bacteria, the human, livestock and shrimp species non-toxic, harmless, no environmental pollution and cross-contamination. ⒌ performance is stable, added in powder, granular and premix properties are very stable, good fluidity, no electrostatic adsorption, can withstand stomach acid and granulating high temperature, high living bacteria rate.