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Chinese Scientists Have Discovered A New Type Of Lignin - Degrading Bacteria, Probiotics Bathy-8
- Nov 02, 2018 -

ith the support of key projects of "global change and response", professor wang fengping's team of the project of "response of Marine carbon storage mechanism and regional carbon nitrogen and sulfur cycle coupling to global change" found a new group of lignin biodegradable bacteria -- bathy-8 of the "deep archaea" gate.

Based on the genomic information obtained in the earlier stage, the team enriched the "probiotics" by adding different types of organic matter, and adopted the stable carbon isotope 13C marker.The experiment preliminarily proved the hypothesis that "probiotics" use inorganic carbon through the reductive acetyl coa pathway.For the first time, the research team achieved the enrichment and growth of "probiotics" in the laboratory, which indicated that probiotics had the metabolic characteristics of organic autotrophy, and obtained direct evidence that probiotics could use lignin as energy source and inorganic carbon as carbon source for metabolic growth.

In this study, the recycling process and mechanism of lignin in nature were recognized from a new perspective, which contributed to the in-depth understanding of Marine carbon cycle mechanism.At the same time, the discovery of biodegradable lignin from "probiotics" will provide new ideas and approaches for the utilization of plant refractory biomass and the production of green energy, the results of which are published in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences