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Pig Chicken Low Protein With Feed Group Standard Release
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Pig chicken low protein with feed group standard release good amino acid industry and enzyme preparation industry.

on October 26, 2018, China feed industry association approved the release of the piglets, growing pig feed, "laying hens, chicken feed" two groups standard, standard is focused on the lower in compound feed protein, add the upper limit of crude protein, total phosphorus, cut part of the index of the lower limit value, increase the varieties of restrictive amino acids, redrawing the animal growth stage.The introduction of two standards will effectively reduce the amount of protein feed raw materials such as soybean meal.After the new standard is fully implemented, the annual consumption of soybean meal in the breeding industry is expected to decrease by about 11 million tons, which will drive the reduction of soybean demand by about 14 million tons. It will play a positive role in ensuring the supply and efficiency of protein raw materials in the feed and breeding industry in China.