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What Are The Nutrients In Yeast
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Yeast is one of the earliest and most widely used microorganisms in human beings. People often use its fermentation to make various kinds of dough food and wine.Yeasts are live yeasts grown from pure plant cultures. Those containing about 70% water are called pressed yeast, while those containing about 10% water are called dry yeast.

Yeast flour is mainly made for bread or steamed bread to match with medium flour and high powder. The main function is to expand the gluten and increase the volume of dough. The finished products taste more tough.Nutrient content (per 100g) calories (calorie)356.00

Carbohydrate (g)45.50 fat (g)1.70

Protein (g)47.60 cellulose (g)7.90

Vitamin A(microgram)0.00 vitamin C(microgram)0.00

Vitamin E(mg) 1 carotene (MCG)0.00

Thiamine (mg)6.56 riboflavin (mg)3.35

Niacin (mg)45.20 cholesterol (mg) 1

Magnesium (mg)1 calcium (mg)106.00

Iron (mg)18.20 zinc (mg)1

Copper (mg) and manganese (mg) 1

Potassium (mg) and phosphorus (mg

Sodium (mg) 1 se (microgram) 1