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Introduction To Yeast Powder
- Dec 04, 2018 -

Using high quality beer yeast as raw material, adding enzymes, catalyzing cell wall breaking and decomposition, and then by deep liquid fermentation, separation, concentration, spray drying.Rich in the body must be a variety of amino acids, B vitamins, nucleotide, glutathione, polypeptide and so on.It can be used as flavoring and nourishing additive, has high protein, high nutritional value, beneficial to human body absorption, contains a variety of vitamins and amino acids, can be widely used in children and the elderly nutrition oral liquid, increase the nutritional value of oral liquid and is a pure natural organism.There is glutathione in the food grade essence cream.It has a wide spectrum of detoxification, not only can be used for drugs, but also as the base material of functional food, which is widely used in functional food such as anti-aging, slimming, enhancing immunity and anti-tumor.

Animal nutrition and reference dosage

1. Lactating sows: from one month before birth to breeding;Add 2~3kg/ ton

Effect: high quality yeast protein can improve the intake of sows, promote sows lactation and increase weaning weight of piglets.Improve milk quality, improve piglets immunity, reduce sows disease, avoid vertical infection piglets.

2. Piglets: weaned piglets are taught trough feed, with the addition amount of 1~4kg/ ton

Function: it is rich in high protein, has the aroma of beer yeast, good palatability, increases the intake, increases the daily weight gain and weaning nest weight.Rich in yeast polysaccharide, activate macrophages, initiate and maintain immune response, improve immunity, improve intestinal flora, control diarrhea in piglets.Can be used with antibiotics superposition, enhance epidemic prevention effect.Reduce emergency weaning syndrome.

3. Chicken dosage: 2~4kg/ ton

Effect: improve the egg production of hens.Substituting fish meal in broiler production can improve the tenderness of broiler meat after slaughter.High fiber feed of broiler was added to improve the conversion rate of broiler feed

4. Addition amount of various aquatic animals: 1~2kg/ ton

Effect: strong natural inducement, enhance palatability.To make up for the nutritional deficiency of conventional feed and promote the growth of aquatic animal larvae.Fish and shrimp are high in protein, two to four times as much as mammals and birds.Yeast protein and carbohydrate content in refined powder is high to meet the special needs of fish and shrimp.Promote the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and reduce the negative effects of antibiotics.