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Identification Of The True And False Of Feed Yeast
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Feed yeast is a kind of protein feed made from the scraps of agricultural by-products or industrial waste fermented by yeast. Its high protein content, easy to absorb, is currently the ideal of cheap protein feed. Chicken is very sensitive to feed yeast, with high quality feed yeast feeding has obvious effect, and the use of fake and shoddy feed yeast feeding is no effect or effect is not obvious, and sometimes even lead to chicken poisoning death.

Therefore, the majority of farmers in the purchase of feed yeast, must be wide open eyes to know true and false, to prevent the purchase of high quality and inferior prices of shoddy products.

Look at the feed yeast-like powdery, mixed with plant feed, especially with the cake-like feed is mostly small granular or flaky. Smell feed yeast with a unique flavor of strong yeast, high-quality feed yeast into boiling water, heat preservation for a while the unique smell more full-bodied.

Fake and shoddy feed yeast generally smell lighter, or do not have the unique odor, into the boiling water will not have any changes in odor. After dissolving and fermenting the good feed yeast into the water, it is easy to suspend, there is a lot of foam, and the foam disappears slowly. Counterfeit feed yeast into the water, will either float on the water, or it will quickly sink to the bottom, and-no bubbles, even a little bubble, will soon disappear.