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How Do You Make Yeast At Home
- Nov 30, 2018 -

The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which is often used in families as baking powder for steamed bread.But steamed steamed buns are often not very soft, this is because baking soda heat released carbon dioxide gas is not much, steamed buns produced in the small pores less, face hair is not good.On the other hand, baking soda itself is alkaline substances, such as a little more dosage, steamed bread will produce alkali flavor, yellow color, vitamins are destroyed, the effect is not ideal.If you add a certain amount of acetic acid (food and vinegar) to baking soda, you can make up for the above deficiency.It not only produces a lot of carbon dioxide gas, but also does not have a very alkali taste.

Pour 1 jin flour into basin, put 3 bicarbonate of soda, pour 1 2 vinegar, stir immediately with the hand (add warm water again) close dough, after awoken a little, make steamed bread, steam with hot fire for 30 minutes on drawer namely ripe

Do steamed bread every time, don't put the surface finish, leaving a small piece, called against the guide words, do steamed bread check it next time, warm water bubble (a small bowl), and then use it with noodles, noodles soon sent (and don't be too soft to the face of the slightly harder), if the right hair you don't need with alkali, if the hair, can be appropriately with alkali. Just smells not sour, if lack, it with his tongue, not acid is better.