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Heze Saito Biological Technology Led The Industry Development In The First Nine Months, And The Profit Nearly Doubled Year On Year
- Oct 26, 2018 -

On October 22, saitobio (300583) disclosed that in the third quarter of 2018, the company achieved the operating revenue of 287 million yuan in the third quarter, up 45% year-on-year, and achieved the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 29.81 million yuan, up 73% year-on-year.The company's revenue in the january-september period was 847 million yuan, up 68 percent year-on-year, and its net profit was 99.77 million yuan, up 121 percent year-on-year.This was mainly due to increased orders for products sold during the reporting period, saito said.

According to the public information, ceto biological is the only enterprise in China that has mastered the production technology of whole series of steroid pharmaceutical raw materials. The company has realized the environmental protection and green production of steroid pharmaceutical raw materials by using genetic engineering technology and microorganism transformation technology, and promoted the innovation of biopharmaceutical technology in the field of steroid drugs and the overall development of the industry.At present, the company's products mainly include androstenedione (AD), androstenedione (ADD), 9-hydroxyandrostenedione (9o-ad), hydroxyprogesterone, tetra (3TR), methylhydroxyepoxide progesterone (8DM), and 49 bio-medical raw materials.

It is understood that the company has completed the technical reserve of steroid drug raw materials produced by biological fermentation, mastered the large-scale production capacity of five series of steroid drug raw materials such as androstenedione and its derivatives, 9-hydroxyl androstenedione and its derivatives and realized the sales.On this basis, relying on the biological fermentation platform of the company, the company constantly expands the breadth and depth of its product line, enriches its product category, strengthens the ability to cope with market risks, actively participates in market competition and seize the market opportunities.

From the perspective of customer composition, the main products of the company are downstream steroids raw materials, including steroids raw materials and preparation manufacturers and traders, leading enterprises in domestic steroids industry such as tianyao stock, jade pharmaceutical and jinji pharmaceutical, all of which are stable downstream customers of the company.

At present, traditional production technology and biological technology line coexist in steroid raw material industry in China. Enterprises adopting traditional technology are widely distributed along the hanjiang river and danjiang river basins in shaanxi, hubei, because of mature technology, early industrialization and high marketization degree.With the continuous improvement of environmental protection standards in China, the state has strengthened the environmental protection governance of turmeric related industries, and some small-scale enterprises with weak environmental awareness, weak clean production capacity and extensive processing methods have been gradually phased out.Enterprises with high product quality, complete industrial chain and strong clean production capacity will occupy more market shares and the industrial concentration degree will start to increase.

During the reporting period, saito biology followed the trend of market changes, and supported by technology and quality advantages, expanded market share and achieved sales volume improvement, and further consolidated and enhanced its market leadership.At the same time, to ensure a stable supply of existing products, at the same time continue to will intensify research and development of active pharmaceutical ingredients and other projects, using existing biological technology platform, continue to push forward other steroidal drugs raw material production technology innovation, realize the hydrocortisone, Bonny loose dragon, prednisone series, series of mifepristone, versus ketone, spironolactone commodities, such as steroidal drugs direct raw material efficient, green production, products and business development for downstream customers provide a stable raw material support.In the third quarter, spending on research and development rose 97.79 percent from a year earlier.

From the biological half annual report in 2018, in the part not downstream customers in the high-end varieties of drug substances and drug products, the company follow the policy direction, with the help of a generic consistency evaluation, drug marketing authorisation holder system reform measures such as industry, plan the deepening fluticasone propionate, fluticasone chaff, etc. Series of varieties, in terms of atomization, high-end formulations including freeze-drying research focus on the layout and technical research, gradually established a complete system of self-owned intellectual property rights and product registration;At the same time, we will simultaneously promote the construction of a system that meets the national and international standards for drug production quality, seize the market opportunities brought by the policy changes in the domestic pharmaceutical industry, realize the effective allocation and integration of industry resources, and enhance the overall value of the company.

Biological said, in the future, in response to market competition, "Joe will depends on the company's existing biological engineering technology, through continuous research and development investment, improving the existing strains fermentation ability, continuously improve feeding, fermentation, extraction and so on each link of the production process, to further improve existing products and the conversion rate of new products, reduce product cost, improve the relevant product gross margin, coping with competition.