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China Biological Fermentation Industry Association Vice - President To Haichao Town Luzhou Dufu Technology Co. Ltd. For Guidance
- Nov 02, 2018 -

On October 29, zhou hailong, vice chairman of China association of biological fermentation industry and secretary general of the enzyme branch, was invited to visit sichuan dufu technology co., LTD., located in xiaobai village, haichao town, accompanied by yan xilin, director of the standing committee of the county people's congress, the county agriculture and forestry bureau and the head of haichao town government.

Zhou hailong visited the production workshop of longan enzyme solution, fermentation research and development center, warehouse and storage tank room of the company, and listened to the introduction of personnel management, safety production, quality control and technological process of the company.During the visit, zhou hailong guided dufu technology co., LTD on food safety, fermentation technology, production equipment and environmental hygiene.

At the symposium, zhou hailong introduced the origin, development status and future market potential of enzyme industry in detail. The research and development team of luzhou duofu technology co., ltd. discussed in depth with zhou hailong about the production process and industry standard of enzyme.