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Korean Elephant Group And Chenfu Group Signed A Lysine Technology Transfer Agreement For $9 Million
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Sinochem new - Korea on October 10, the financial news reported that south Korean elephant group heilongjiang ChengFu group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China, the future elephant group to transfer to the ChengFu group high lysine production technology, using ChengFu group's production capacity, the lysine output of 500000 tons a year by up to 700000 tons, expansion of the two sides in the international market share.The technology transfer contract is worth 10 billion won (about $9 million).

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Recently, chengfu group and Korea elephant corporation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both sides in feed lysine products to carry out comprehensive, in-depth cooperation.It is reported that the two sides have started cooperation in lysine technology, production and sales in 2017, and signed a formal cooperation agreement with this month. In the future, the two sides also plan to further cooperation in other amino acids, health food, multi-vitamins, bio-pharmaceutical intermediates and other aspects.