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Effect Of Feed High Activity Dry Yeast Feed Additive
- Dec 14, 2018 -

Effect of feed high activity dry yeast feed additive

Improve the palatability of feed, promote animal feed intake, improve feed conversion rate

Promote the metabolism of digestive tract microorganism and the reproduction of beneficial microflora, improve the ecological environment of digestive tract

Improve the activity of digestive enzymes and enhance the gastrointestinal absorption function

Stimulate the improvement and development of the immune system, enhance the immune function of animals, improve the ability to resist stress

Promote the regulation of nerve and endocrine, reduce the use of drugs,

Adjust the balance of animal gastrointestinal microecology, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, reduce bacterial diarrhea

Promote animal growth and reduce the ratio of feed to meat

Reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria in feces and improve the breeding environment

Is a natural additive, animals will not produce tolerance, normal use without any side effects

It is not sensitive to ten kinds of commonly used antibiotics and does not affect the normal addition of antibiotics in feed