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Is Edible Yeast Often Harmful To Human Body?
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Yeasts are what we call yeasts, and yeast is now a highly recommended yeast for fermenting flour.This is because:

First of all, yeasts, like other living organisms, need similar nutrients. Like bacteria, they break down macromolecules into small molecules used for cell metabolism.In aerobic or anaerobic conditions, it can be grown. In aerobic conditions, it can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and hydrolytic yeast. Under the condition of rapid growth and anaerobic conditions, yeast can decompose sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Secondly, the yeast we usually use is yeast, which is mainly used to make dough and is also a kind of beneficial microorganism. Under certain conditions, after yeast enters the wet dough, it breaks down the starch into dextrin, and then decomposes into maltose and glucose, finally producing a large amount of carbon dioxide gas.It's the flour that gets loose.

What's more, yeast is rich in protein and B vitamins, while modern people are more likely to lack B vitamins if they eat carefully. Besides, yeast is not only harmless to human body, but also supplements B vitamins.Improved metabolic function and digestive function.

In general, eating yeast to make dough is more beneficial to health than traditional noodles. In the process of fermentation, it produces lactic acid and so on, which can be neutralized with alkali. Therefore, it is recommended to use yeast to make dough.People used to use old noodles to make noodles before, that's because there was no such condition at that time, and people were used to using it and eating the taste, so there were new, better, beneficial to the human body, why not eat it?