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Prospects For The Development Of Biomedical Industry In China
- Oct 26, 2018 -

China's feed breeding industry is the largest in the world, but there are four common problems in the development of traditional agriculture and animal husbandry at present: 1.2. Low feed conversion rate;3. Environmental pollution;4. Food safety issues. In order to improve production efficiency, agricultural and animal husbandry often USES exogenous probiotics and disease prevention agents such as antibiotics, fertilizers and pesticides, resulting in frequent food safety incidents such as antibiotic residues and pesticides in recent years.

In November 2013, the technical expert committee of national engineering research center for biological feed development clearly put forward the concept, definition, technical connotation and technical category of biological feed, from which the research and progress of biological feed in China entered a new historical stage.In recent years, biological feed has been developing rapidly. As a key product of strategic emerging industries during the 13th five-year plan period, it will become an important breakthrough in the feed industry's supply-side reform.