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Five Benefits Of Yeast To Pastry
- Nov 07, 2018 -
  • On the opposite side of the yeast, the well-known function is fermentation, and the naked eye seems to be a dough bulge. Actually, the yeast on the other side is very valuable. Today we will talk about the benefits of yeast in doug

  • I.It's softer

  • Break apart steamed bread, bread and other flour points, you will find the interior will have a lot of fine holes, these holes make the flour point very soft, easy to chew.And these little holes, that's what the yeast does.

  • How does that come about?Yeasts "eat" the sugar in flour, which is metabolized to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide gas.The gas is then wrapped around the dough, forming little bubbles that make the dough softer.

II. Smell better

Why does steamed bread smell appetizing?It's also related to yeast fermentation.

Yeast produces alcohol in the fermentation of dough, and then metabolizes to produce ester, organic acid, aromatic alcohol and other aromatic substances.There are dozens of ingredients, which together form a pleasant and delicious taste

III. Add four nutrients, one ingredient super!

Yeast contains high quality protein, high quality trace elements, complete B vitamins and high quality dietary fiber.It is low in sugar, low in fat, low in calories and free of cholesterol.

In particular, yeast polysaccharides, which are similar to the active ingredients in "fairy grass" ganoderma lucidum, have good antioxidant and radiation resistance functions. Scientists have developed yeast polysaccharides into functional food materials or health food.Therefore, the yeast food production point, from the theory of a certain nutritional health role!

  • IV. Decompose phytic acid, minerals are better absorbed

  • Flour contains large amounts of phytic acid, which, if not broken down, can affect the body's absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc.

  • As it happens, yeast has phytase, a natural enemy of phytase, which breaks down the phytase in the dough.Therefore, eating yeast dough, without worrying about phytic acid effects, the minerals we get from food can be absorbed and utilized!

  • V.Safer to eat

  • Many of the old methods used to produce steamed buns with alum baking powder or "old noodles" are either not in compliance with national food safety regulations or contain heterozygous bacteria and have been eliminated.

  • Yeast is food. The production of yeast is controlled by strict production process and its safety is guaranteed.So, we eat steamed bread, bread, naturally should choose yeast fermentation to make