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Analysis Of Beauty Effect Of Beer Yeast
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Protein is the life foundation of human body, among which collagen is the main component of human skin. Elastin determines the elasticity of human muscles. If there is not enough protein in the body, various hormones in the body cannot be generated.Therefore, the appropriate supplementation of beer yeast can absorb sufficient amount of protein, which can help increase the elasticity of facial muscles, slow down the distortion of face shape (one of the characteristics of aging), increase the luster of skin and maintain the health of skin.

Mineral trace element also has close relation with beauty, for example: selenium is antioxidant, it and vitamin E supplement each other, protect skin from the damage of free radical;Iron is the component that makes heme, myoglobin, can make the skin exquisite, ruddy, luster.And the mineral trace element such as chromium, selenium, iron is contained in beer yeast, they coordinate action together, can prevent skin ageing effectively, have the effect of beautiful white.

B vitamins are known to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels, which in turn helps blood circulation to function properly, maintain skin health, increase skin elasticity and prevent skin aging.Beer yeast contains B vitamins, which can speed up fat metabolism, burn calories quickly, and make hair and skin healthier.

To sum up, beer yeast can enhance skin elasticity, restore skin delicate, ruddy and shiny, promote blood circulation, maintain skin health, prevent skin aging, and then achieve beauty and whitening effect.

Oct.15, 2018