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2018 Enzyme Industry Development Peak BBS Has Come To A Successful End
- Oct 17, 2018 -

 2018 enzyme industry development summit BBS" "is held in the conference room of Shanghai everbright convention and exhibition center on April 24, 2018.BBS was welcomed by the chairman of the China bio-fermentation industry association shi weichen and presided over by lu tao, deputy secretary general of the enzyme branch of China bio-fermentation industry association.BBS has China light industry federation, comprehensive business department director Simon li, weinan by the district management committee, deputy director of the massive, qilu industrial university institute of biological engineering xin-li liu director, sino-german agricultural products processing industry in zhejiang institute of science and technology institute professor yan-ping wang jian-wei MAO dean, tianjin university of science and technology, vice director of China's food fermentation industry research institute Zhou Zhiqiao and sheng town Korea Naraentec corporation presidents to bring us good report.

Simon li, director of the delegates to the national green manufacturing and related policy are introduced, in detail elaborated the green manufacturing (including special green manufacturing, green plant, green design products, etc.), intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base construction, strengthen the key competitiveness of manufacturing industry for three years the content of the plan of action, strive for the support of relevant national project for us to provide the guidance.

Duan hongwei, deputy director, made a report on the industrial cluster development of China enzyme city to the delegates, introduced the orientation and development of China enzyme city, the first regional demonstration project jointly built with special features, and introduced the development path of China enzyme city and preferential policies to support various enzyme enterprises.

Professor liu xinli reported the research of flavonoids to enhance the anti-virus ability of the body.According to the report, flavonoids can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, scavenge free radicals in the body and prevent senility, relieve pain and spasm, prevent cancer (anti-tumor) and cold (anti-bacterial and anti-viral). The research and development of foods rich in flavonoids can improve national health.

Professor MAO jianwei made the theme report of "basic scientific problems of enzyme industry and innovation drive of whole industry chain". He expounded the current situation of edible enzyme industry and research at home and abroad, looked forward to the prospect and planning of Chinese enzyme industry, and introduced the innovation drive of whole industry chain of enzyme.

Professor wang yanping made the report of "enzyme and probiotics", and introduced the meaning and type of enzyme, its development status at home and abroad, probiotics and its application in enzyme, etc.

Zhou zhiqiao, deputy director of the "probiotics, probiotics and children's health" theme report, narrated the common diseases affecting children's health, probiotics and probiotics profile, application of probiotics and probiotics research and future development direction.

As a representative of foreign enzyme enterprises, President quan introduced the development process of the company and Shared with you the company's achievements in fermentation technology and factor analysis.

The BBS ended well in a harmonious atmosphere.