PROSPER 500grams Dry Yeast

PROSPER 500grams Dry Yeast

"BAKER CHOICE" is one of Xinghe brands to provide customers more choice on developing the market. BAKER CHOICE 500grams dry yeast are now exporting to many countries in Africa. Be different from Amercan customers, African friends like simple printings. Existing printing plates cover unit weight of 450grams and 500grams.

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Product Details

Maybe all friends know the meaning of word "PROSPER". That's why we chose this word to be our brand name.

No matter whether you are professional baker, when you make the bread, you want make a delicious bread in a short time. "PROSPER" can make you success. That's what you need to prepare in your kitchen. That's your best assistant in your bakery.

For this brand, we can provide both white backgroud printed carton and brown carton. What's your choice? White carton? No, you should choose the brown carton, because it is made from cardboard imported from the USA. It is the real virgin pulp paper. Thin and light, but stronger. 


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