Biological Fermented Active Dry Yeast From North China

Biological Fermented Active Dry Yeast From North China

We offer pure natural biological fermented active dry yeast with high protein and rich nutrition.There are low sugar- tolerance and high sugar-tolerance type of dry yeast to applied to dough with different sugar content.

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Active dry yeast is a kind of dry yeast product which is pressed, dried and dehydrated by special culture fresh yeast and still maintains strong fermentation capacity.The compressed yeast is pressed into thin strips or small spheres, and the circulating air with low humidity is continuously dried by the fluidized bed, so that the final fermentation water reaches about 8%, and the fermentation capacity of the yeast is maintained.Active dry yeast is used in modern biotechnology and advanced equipment to dry yeast cells produced on industrial scale to more than 95% of dry matter, less than 5% water.Active dry yeast: dry yeast with water content of about 8%, granular, with hair surface capacity.Production of active dry yeast to starch or sugar mill molasses as raw material, match with ammonium sulfate, urea nitrogen, such as chemicals, disinfection sterilization, aseptic air is piped in, the constant temperature culture, expand step by step, collect yeast mud, yeast mud after granulation, low temperature fluidized drying bed or fluidized drying bed drying, finished product, use aluminum-plastic film vacuum packaged into bags for sale.


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