Baking Ingredients Quick Rise Dry Yeast

Baking Ingredients Quick Rise Dry Yeast

We offer high sugar and low sugar quick rise dry yeast with fast fermenting speed. It can be used as baking ingredient and mainly used for pasta fermentation.Instant dry yeast is largely used in people's daily life as a pure natural product with rich nutrition.

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Quick rise dry yeast is also referred to as instant yeast or rapid rise dry yeast.  Its activity is not significantly different than that from compressed yeast. It can be added directly to dry ingredients without prior re-hydration.                              

Quick rise dry yeast is produced with genetically engineered yeast strains. These strains retain high yeast activity after drying. The drying process for quick rise dry yeast is also specially designed. The drying process produces highly porous particles, which gives them the ability to rehydrate rapidly. One disadvantage of this porosity is that it also provides access to oxygen from the air, resulting in rapid loss of activity during storage. Accordingly, these products must be hermetically packaged in inert gas or under a vacuum.

Quick rise dry yeast is finely ground and thus absorbs moisture faster, rapidly converting starch and sugars to carbon dioxide, the tiny bubbles that make the dough expand and stretch.


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