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Yeast Protein for Elderly People
- Oct 17, 2018 -

According to its introduction: medium old people eats yeast albumen powder, can make up good nutrient already, can use the cholesterol in adipose inside body and blood again, drop the incidence rate of hypertensive, tall blood fat, coronary heart disease and stroke.

Other, eat yeast protein powder, not only help to digest food, and to all recuperate intestines and stomach, high-quality glucan can promote the intestinal activity during, absorb harmful substances, and promote the activation of intestinal beneficial bacteria, and relieve constipation, yeast to alkaline food, adjust acid-base balance in the body, can neutralize stomach acid in the body, maintain the intestines and stomach, also has advantages for gastritis, gastric ulcer.

In summary, yeast protein powder is a new kind of multi-functional nutrient food, which is always treated with various diseases caused by nutrient imbalance after making up the shortage of human body. Yeast protein powder is often eaten, which is a "green food therapy" for the elderly.

Many young people like to eat yeast protein powder, and many parents also make up for some yeast protein powder for their children during the preparation period, the intention is to strengthen the body.

Oct.17, 2018