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Yeast is the Biostate Nutrient Source
- Aug 31, 2018 -

The yeast has a naturally rich nutrient system. It is a natural biostate nutrient source. The famous biologist, professor Yao Ruhua said: Yeast is “the inexhaustible nutrient source”. The time of healthy food yeast has come.


At present, we have found more than 50 sorts of nutrient contents from yeast. The complete protein that necessary to health, Vitamin B group, Chitin, Enzymes, Mineral Substance, and the rich nucleic acid. Especially the rich glutathione, used in medicine field, it has the function of detoxication, anti-aging, skincare, antiallergic, eyeshield, and improving the indicators of some diseases, which has been the science and human certified truth. It has been regard as the most attractive nourishment.


In Europe and Japan, yeast is the nourishment that the doctor and nutritionist recommend to puerpera and recovering patients. Yeast and its highly-processed products are the healthy breakfast to normal people, high quality snack to night owl, the best food to people that losing weight. It is the best nourishment to sportsman, office workers, people who are preparing for pregnancy, sub-health people, and recovering patients. It has particularly good function of boosting immunity. Yeast is “ 3 low and 4 good” food----Low fat, Low Calorie, Low Cholesterol; Good Complete Protein, Good Mineral Substance, Good Vitamin B Group, and Good Dietary Fiber.


Aug.31, 2018