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Yeast Bread
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Bread, known as an artificial fruit.

Made with five-grain flour, various varieties, each with its own flavor.

Bread brings more freshness and completeness to life.

After waiting patiently for fermentation, shaping and baking, you are greeted with sweet fragrance.

Nutritional health of the flavor of bread, a strand of satisfaction between the lips and teeth silk spread.

Natural yeast has a better flavor than normal yeast because the flour absorbs water fully and takes longer to mature. On the other hand, natural yeast is cultivated for a variety of bacteria. When baking, each kind of bacteria will give out different fragrance, which makes the flavor of bread more diversified.

Raise: select highland grapes, good breeding of natural yeast source

Melt: spring water, whole wheat germ essence

Knead: ancient law knead, extend gluten, take its pliability

Results: the fermentation time was 72 hours

Baking: fire - proof, soft and soft, delicious

Bread is becoming more and more popular all over the world, not only in all countries, but also in the most popular form of food.

Natural yeast bread is the most complete nutrient content of human food.Choosing a natural sourdough bread is choosing to be healthy.

Pure natural yeast = no artificial additives, 100% healthy

"Pure natural yeast" is cultivated from pure natural plants

Flowers and leaves mainly attached to fruits, grains and plants

And so on top of the yeast for raw material, natural reproduction, yes

A pure natural, pollution-free health nutrition source, excluding people

Industrial compounds such as pigments, preservatives, emulsifiers, etc.

Pure natural yeast restores nutrition

One refill: high quality complete protein;

Double complement: natural and complete B vitamin;

Triple supplement: high quality functional dietary fiber;

Four refills: essential minerals in 14 or more life binding states.

The secret to long-term preservation

Pure natural yeast

The lactobacillus contained in the pure natural yeast powder is highly acidic, which can inhibit the breeding of bacteria. At the same time, the fermentation time of natural yeast is long, and the mildew resistance of bread will be enhanced. Therefore, bread made with the same condition and no preservative will have a longer shelf life than bread made with common dry yeast.

Low water activity

The moisture activity of common bread in circulation is 0.95, while the development of a-plus bread follows the principle of low free moisture (below 0.9) available to microorganisms, which is not easy to reproduce.The water's moisture activity is 1, or the closer it is to 1, the faster the microbes increase.Generally, microorganisms with water activity below 0.9 are not easy to reproduce and the food is well preserved.

The effect of alcohol preparation

The volatile alcohol vapour in the package can kill bacteria or inhibit the growth of bacteria.

International health standard packaging

In strict accordance with HACCP international health certification standards, adopt sterile workshop production packaging;

The packaging film is thicker than the ordinary packaging film used for daily products, and the air outside is not easy to enter, thus improving the effect of alcohol preparation.

Nov.22, 2018

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