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Yeast Biotechnology
- Oct 16, 2018 -

At a low price biological health care products has developed rapidly in recent years, especially as genetic engineering, microbial engineering, enzyme engineering technology development, many biological technology as the forerunner of sprang up health products, such as a lot of amino acids, vitamins and mineral nutrients peptide, biological function, microbial nutrition health products, adopt the biological technology.It can be said that the future of the main force of the health industry, will be doomed to biotechnology health products.And yeast, the microbe that is most used by humans, will be the first to take the lead.

Yeast technology has effectively evolved many health products

Dr Zhang yan from the nutrition and health research institute of angel yeast told reporters that the scientific and functional nature of modern health food has been constantly improved, and it has been upgraded to the third generation of health food.

Said zhang yan, yeast as one of the most mature biological technology, biological technology, at least in the following three aspects are changing the traditional health food industry: first, a lot of health food production will achieve rapid scale, such as high quality protein source, can be through a lot of the best source of protein to complete the production of yeast, the production cycle is relatively shorter than animal protein, plant protein, etc;Second, the product efficiency is improved. For example, the product quality and efficiency are significantly improved through the biological transformation of yeast. For example, the zinc of yeast is more than five times higher than that of inorganic zinc such as zinc sulfate.Thirdly, it improves security and effectively reduces defects of traditional products.

Yeast health products will lead the future of modern health care industry

Statistics from developed countries and regions in Europe and America in the functional food and food industry show that the application of modern biotechnology in the industry accounts for over 90% of the new technology in the whole industry.

In addition, foreign health products often use the latest technology in the first time, including the food industry to form the largest application of biotechnology industry, even far more than medicine.

Oct.16, 2018