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Wine Yeast Powder Diet eating method
- Jul 18, 2018 -

Eat law One,

Ingredients: lecithin 1 small teaspoon, beer yeast powder 1 small teaspoon, wheat germ 1 small teaspoon, Coix kernel powder 1 small teaspoon (above ingredients health food store sells), Apple (even skin) 1/2, pineapple (peeled) 1 pieces, tomatoes (even skin) 1/2, yogurt 1 bottles.

Practice: will need to wash the material clean, all the materials into the blender together into a thick-shaped pour out, immediately drink to avoid oxidation. How to eat: people who want to quickly lose weight eat to replace any two meals a day, you can healthy, easy to lose weight.

and constipation, easy to fatigue, just drink a big cup every morning can solve the problem.

Eat Law Two,

Ingredients: Yogurt, beer yeast powder.

Practice: The beer yeast powder 15 grams into 90 grams of yogurt, fully stirred evenly. Eating method: Eat beer yeast yogurt and vegetables and fruits as a substitute meal, eating 1~2 times every day.

At least one meal a day is a well-balanced dinner. Note: Beer yeast powder plus yogurt calories about 120 cards, not recommended for long-term use, otherwise it is easy to have nutritional imbalance; it is recommended that this method be improved into a normal diet of at least one meal a day, and that the brewer's yeast yogurt should be substituted for dessert or dinner.

If you take a large number of possible diarrhea phenomenon.