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What is Yeast Extract
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Yeast extract, now referred to as powdery yeast extract in China, was also known as yeast extract before unification.Tupu yeast extract is rich in complete protein, balanced essential amino acids, B vitamins, nucleotides, trace elements, etc. It is the most ideal biological culture base material and the main raw material in the fermentation industry. Its efficiency is equivalent to 8 times of yeast, which can greatly improve the production rate of bacteria species and the yield of fermentation products.According to the provisions of the Chinese pharmacopoeia, yeast extract is a pure natural product made of a brownish yellow soluble paste (yeast extract) or a light yellow powder (yeast extract), which is made by using fresh yeast emulsion autolysis, enzymolysis, separation, concentration and other modern high and new biological technologies.

Product features

1. Rich in nutrients, fully meeting the growth and metabolic needs of microorganisms.

2. Complete degradation of nutrients can effectively improve the growth and metabolism of microorganisms.

3. The solution is clear and transparent with light color, which is conducive to clean production and product extraction.

4. Stable product quality and high cost performance make it a wise choice for laboratory research to turn to industrial application.


Standard TPJG703

High nitrogen type TPJG703H

Refined high nitrogen TPJG703MH low nitrogen TPJG703ML


Nov.07, 2018

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