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Usage of Yeast: Tea Yeast
- Sep 30, 2018 -

In Taiwan, when oolong tea is made, people first kill the green tea, and then conduct low temperature fermentation. After fermentation, the yeast recede and deposits at the bottom.But at this time the yeast has already absorbed the essence of oolong tea nutrients, picked up through washing, disinfection, drying and other remanufacturing process, it became tea yeast.

There are three types of tea yeast on the market:

As mentioned above, the yield of tea yeast is very low, and there is basically no yield, because it is difficult to collect after separation with tea.

Oolong tea, which is basically oolong tea with little yeast, is crushed into powder after drying with fermentation liquor.

Oolong tea extract is formed with beer yeast extract, which is easy to collect and process and can be produced on a large scale.

Tea yeast is widely used, the most popular for slimming.

Tea yeast -- contains tea polyphenols with antioxidant capacity 10 times higher than vitamin E10, which can reduce blood neutral fat content and effectively reduce blood lipids.It can also improve the sagging and sleepy alkaloids caused by obesity and high blood lipids, which can make you feel refreshed.Beer yeast -- the more abundant vitamin B is equal to three times that of tea yeast, the yeast chromium is equal to two times that of tea yeast, the b-vitamin can accelerate the metabolism of carbohydrate fats, fast heat consumption makes people feel energetic while slimming down.Yeast chromium reduces neutral fat and helps insulin to accelerate glucose metabolism.

True tea should be as follows: the concept of yeast contains the weight loss of active ingredients such as oolong tea, and have the characteristics of yeast, beer yeast is a kind of weight loss products, yeast itself is effective for weight loss, and tea yeast is superior to other combines with the characteristics of the weight loss tea weight loss and yeast, healthier, more effective, safer.

Sep.30, 2019

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