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The Yeast You Don't Know
- Oct 31, 2018 -

Yeast can not only be used for food, for example, when we are growing our dough, we can use yeast, so today I want to introduce you to the new role of yeast.

Active yeast is a kind of "living" nutriment, which is rich in active substances and has a good repair and regeneration effect on skin.Because living yeasts have the characteristics of life and will die at high temperatures, they are very demanding for the storage environment. Besides, living yeasts have a short life cycle and are expensive to make. Therefore, dolly is used for the production of high-nutrition regenerative maintenance products.

The effect of living yeast on the skin

Whitening effect.Active yeasts, on the other hand, are biologically active and do not need to be reactivated.It can penetrate into the skin at the moment of contact with the skin, go directly to the bottom of the skin, repair and regeneration to the bottom cells of the muscle, so that the skin can be restored white, elastic and fresh.

Repair the skin after sunning because of absorbing excessive sunlight, easy to cause the skin physiology unusual activity, live yeast can alleviate the skin abnormal activity, calm the red hot phenomenon after sunning.

It is proved that living yeast has the effect of improving cellular immunity activity.This increases the skin's resistance to external stimuli.

Oct.31, 2018