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The Reproductive Mode of Yeast
- Sep 27, 2018 -

The reproductive mode of yeast can be divided into asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction.

Asexual reproduction includes: budding, fission, budding.

Sexual reproduction: ascospore.

Germination: this is the main way for yeast to reproduce asexually.Mature yeast cells first grow a small bud, which grows to a certain extent, leaving the mother cells to continue to grow, and then form new individuals.There are multilateral buds, buds at both ends, and three side buds.

Cleft: a few species of yeast, like bacteria, reproduce by dividing cells horizontally.

Budding: the mother cell always shoots at one end and forms a septum at the bud base. The daughter cells are bottle shaped.It's rare.

Ascospores: in poor nutritional conditions, some sexually reproducing yeast forms spores (generally four) and germinates when conditions are right.Some yeasts, such as Candida, cannot reproduce sexually.

Sep.27, 2018