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The Life Cycle of Yeast
- Sep 28, 2018 -

The life history of various yeasts can be divided into three types: 1. Haploid 2. Diploid 3

1. Haplotype

The monodiploid body is represented by beer yeast

Features: both haploid and diploid vegetative cells can be sprouted.The nutritive body can be either haploid or diploid;Sexual reproduction under certain conditions.The two stages of haploid and diploid are equally important, forming an alternation of generations

2. Haploid type

The haploid type is represented by the sporophytic yeast.

Features: nutrient cells are haploid;The asexual reproduction was conducted in the form of fission.The diploid cells cannot live independently because the diploid stage is short and meiosis occurs as soon as it is formed.

3. Diploid

The diploid is represented by Lutheran yeasts.

Features: the vegetative body is a diploid, and the buds are continuously germinated. The diploid vegetative stage is long.The haploid stage only exists in the form of ascospore, so it cannot live independently.

Sep.28, 2018

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