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Property Indication of Bread Yeast
- Nov 26, 2018 -

Proliferation rate: that is, the change of bacterial volume of bread yeast after a certain period of culture on standard YPD medium, usually expressed by the change of A660.Bread yeast with low multiplication rate has no practical value.Gas production: affects the structure and porosity of bread.Delay;It is of no practical value to delay the fermentation of bread yeast for a long time because of its influence on the speed of dough fermentation.Sucrase activity: affects the fermentation rate of sugared dough.Maltose enzyme activity: affects the fermentation rate of sugar-free dough.High permeability resistance: affects the fermentation speed of high sugar dough.Acid tolerance: affects the speed of fermentation of acidic dough.Flavor: affects the flavor and texture of bread.


Nov.26, 2018



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