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Production Method of Yeast
- Nov 30, 2018 -

Production method: the pure yeast in AGAR slant test tube was expanded and cultured several times by air flow plus culture method commonly used in fermentation industry, and then the yeast products were obtained by centrifugal separation, pressing and drying after the multiplication and culture in the fermentation tank.

(1) species: yeast used to produce bread yeast strains for saccharomyces cerevisiae.Saccharomyces cerevisiae and saccharomyces cerevisiae for grape juice are strains used in the production of food and medicinal yeasts.The strains used in the production of feed yeast are candida prion and cruvi brittle wall yeast. The latter can also be used in the production of edible yeast and the preparation of yeast autolysis products.

(2) raw materials: mainly sugar beet molasses (see sugar beet), sugar cane molasses (see sugar cane) and food raw materials.Beet molasses is high in sugar (about 50% reducing sugar), and the yeast produced is lighter in color.Because it contains betaine, which cannot be used by yeast, the biological oxygen demand (BOD) in yeast wastewater is high.The sugar content of sugarcane molasses is slightly lower than that of beet molasses.When producing yeast, if 80% beet molasses and 20% cane molasses can be used, the obtained yeast is better both in quality and quantity.However, any molasses contains impurities that hinder the growth and reproduction of yeast and affect the quality of the final product.The common treatment method is sulfuric acid or phosphoric acid heating treatment clarification method.After diluted molasses, add a small amount of acid and heat up to 90 ~ 100 , the temperature to maintain 0.5 ~ 1.0 hours, then add lime milk neutralization to sugar solution pH 5.0 or so, using natural settling method or mechanical separation are clarified liquid sugar for yeast growth and reproduction.


Nov.30, 2018



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