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Principle of reducing beer yeast powder
- Jul 11, 2018 -

One, reduce the intake of fat: beer yeast contains almost no fat and sugar, high-quality complete protein can slowly release energy, maintain blood sugar stability, is a high-quality dietary fiber, can increase satiety, people feel not hungry, to prevent eating too much food (starch, fat), not only to ensure adequate nutrition, but also reduce the intake of fat and calories;

Second, reduce the absorption of fat: beer yeast rich in a large number of high-quality dietary fiber, water swelling can absorb fat, it can carry the stomach to eat fat drops from the stool discharged, thereby reducing the absorption of fat; Third, minus the body deposition of fat: beer yeast rich in B vitamins, rare minerals can improve basal metabolism, accelerate body fat and energy metabolism. After the fat cells are emptied, it is easy to fill the fat again and form a rebound.

The best way to win the beer yeast thin body is the three natural slimming elements (dietary fiber, B vitamins, yeast chromium and other trace elements) to empty the fat cells at the same time, quickly fill in a comprehensive and balanced nutrition (protein, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, etc.).