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New Safe Seasoning Ingredients
- Oct 16, 2018 -

Taste is one of the most important factors that people consider when choosing food to eat. The process of exploring and searching for flavoring ingredients to make food more delicious has been moving forward with the development of human history.

YE (yeast extract) is the product obtained by extracting and decomposing the protein and nucleic acid components of yeast. If we take yeast cells that are many times larger under a microscope, the individual yeast cells we see look very similar to eggs, and the scientists tell us that yeast cells contain proteins, nucleic acids and other components, which are very similar to egg whites and yolks. For YE, we first need to do is to break the yeast cells that outside a layer of cell wall, like egg shell inside the yeast cell contents after hatched, we have for degradation, let them into a small molecular fragments, this basically is to allow them to dissolve in water, good with those who can not be dissolved in water separate from other ingredients. By separation, these degraded yeast cell contents that can be dissolved in water are purified, and this is YE.

Why does YE have delicious taste? We can start with a simple example. In everyday life, if we eat a piece of raw beef or chicken that has been cooked for a long time, we will find that the taste is not as good as the taste of beef stock and chicken stock. This is because our tongue can only taste the flavor of small molecules that can dissolve into the water. Raw beef has not been able to break down many small molecules, while the small molecules in long-cooked chicken have been dissolved into the water. Therefore, raw beef and long-boiled chicken are not tasty. In contrast, the broth and chicken broth are also very delicious because they contain small molecules that can be sensed by our tongue. Analysis showed that the soup and chicken soup is contained in the main ingredient in the main ingredients and YE are very similar, are all kinds of amino acids, small molecules, peptides, nucleotides, etc., it is these from yeast protein and nucleic acid in yeast degradation of small molecules after being our taste buds feel, from YE earned us a delicious taste.

Oct.16, 2018