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Market Analysis of Yeast Powder
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Yeast powder is yeast that has not been decomposed, but the nutrients in yeast leaching powder are decomposed. The absorption rate and efficiency of microorganisms are higher, and the fermentation residue is less.At present, yeast extract and yeast extract are mostly used in the research of biological fermentation.

There are several specifications for marketing feed yeasts.Light ministry of the People's Republic of China industry standard specified in the feed yeast (yeast for feeds) points such as starch, molasses alcohol and monosodium glutamate, high concentration organic waste liquid carbohydrates as the main raw material, such as the liquid ventilation cultivation of yeast, and isolated from the fermented mash of yeast body (do not add other substances) after drying of the product, it is one of single cell protein feed.Indicate the main yeast protein production and Candida (Candidautilis), tropical Candida (Candida tropicalis), round to yeast (Torula utilis), ball to yeast (Torulopsis utilis), brewing yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

The concept of yeast and yeast extract is confusing to some people.Yeast extract and yeast extract play a similar role in fermentation, providing organic nitrogen source, vitamin, growth factor and other nutrients to microorganisms.Yeast powder is also called the powdery yeast extract, its rich nutrition, high protein content, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body and functional peptides (including glutathione), some types also contain prandial fiber, dextran and mannan.zymosan nucleic acid (RNA) of the human body and nucleotide, vitamin B group, rich in a variety of trace elements, is a kind of high nutritional value of natural flavoring.

The potential market

On the market and yeast extract are both umami and competitors are mainly: MSG;Plant and animal extracts;Plant hydrolyzed protein (HVP) and animal hydrolyzed protein (HAP).Compared with MSG, although MSG can feel the umami immediately, it has a short duration and lacks of satisfaction. However, the use of yeast extract can greatly improve the expressive power of umami, extend the duration of taste and satisfy people's taste.But because of its low price, MSG has long been the preferred flavor agent in the Chinese mainland market, so in a short time, MSG will also occupy a larger share of the Chinese market, and yeast extract cannot compete with it.However, with the improvement of people's living standards and the formation of the life concept of "advocating nature and returning to nature", MSG will gradually reduce its market share in the umami market in mainland China.

Nov.01, 2018