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Knowledge Related to Nutritional Yeast
- Nov 05, 2018 -

1. What is high quality complete protein?Protein is the material basis of life activity and is composed of a variety of amino acids.Enzymes that catalyze the body, antibodies that act on cellular immunity, hemoglobin that transports, hormones, and cell membranes that maintain and protect the body's structure are all made of proteins.Protein nutritional value lies in its content and the types of the amino acid composition proportion, especially the human body can't synthesis of 8 kinds of essential amino acid, the lack of one or several kinds of essential amino acids in the protein, its nutritional value is greatly reduced, added more doesn't matter, not only can not promote growth, even unable to maintain life.Essential amino acids are involved in the production and storage of proteins and glycogen in human cells.As long as one of these amino acids is missing, the specific protein needed by the cell cannot be synthesized so that all the other amino acids are not used and are excreted from the body (what is referred to as the "barrel-plate effect").So, the more comprehensive the essential amino acid composition, the higher the human absorption utilization.Protein that contains 8 essential amino acids is complete protein, and protein that does not contain 8 essential amino acids is incomplete protein.If there are 8 essential amino acids, and the proportion of various amino acids is close to the proportion of human protein is the quality of complete protein.High-quality complete protein can not only maintain life, but also promote growth, and high absorption efficiency.Incomplete proteins not only do not promote cell growth, but also do not sustain life.Protein supplements are more about quality than weight.There are almost four known natural foods that contain complete protein: yeast, certain nuts, soy and cereal germs.In addition to containing over 45% complete protein, the proportion of essential amino acids in yeast is very close to the proportion required by human body. Yeast protein is a high-quality complete protein with excellent nutritional value.The digestibility of yeast protein was 96% and the net utilization rate was 59%.

2. What are the characteristics of B vitamins?B vitamins are a group of more than 10 B vitamins.If you take B vitamins

As a football team, then, each vitamin B is like a player. To play a good game, a complete team must be on the field, and each team should do its part and fight together.If you don't have enough players or just a few players, it's definitely not good.The same is true for b-vitamins.The function of B group vitamin is mutual, take any one of alone or a few among them, can increase the requirement amount that other did not fill vitamin B only, make the part that takes inadequacy because of lack and cause the body is abnormal, on the contrary self-defeating.B vitamins are a large family, and these family members have to function at the same time.As a result of the blind pursuit of diet refinement, the intake of B vitamins from food is less and less;In addition, due to excessive intake of sugar and fat, B vitamins are more needed to promote metabolism.Also, living fast, stressful, and staying up late requires consuming a lot of B vitamins.Therefore, the lack of B vitamins is very common.B vitamins on the nervous system, cardiovascular system, hematopoiesis and reproductive system, eyesight, relieve pressure, improve hair and skin and so on all play an important role, if B vitamin lack or incomplete, extremely vulnerable to a variety of symptoms, such as beriberi, infection, skin disease, glossitis, dermatitis, eczema, hair loss, pernicious anemia, extreme fatigue, fat metabolism disorders, loss of appetite, nausea, depression, peptic ulcer, etc.B vitamins are water-soluble, easily metabolized, almost impossible to accumulate for long periods of time in the body, and must be taken daily.B vitamins are excreted mainly through sweat and urine.Drinking more water, sweating and urinating all increase in summer, so people are more likely to lack B vitamins in summer.Such as summer people are more likely to be tired, sleepy, depressed, and this is the reason.In fact, almost only four foods contain all B vitamins: liver, yeast, rice bran and malt, among which yeast is the most abundant and reasonable proportion.And B group of vitamins in yeast are in the form of phosphate ester, more easily absorbed by the body.

3. Why is calcium carbonate added in the formula of natural nutritional yeast products?Is it natural?Among them calcium, iron, zinc, selenium affect absorption?Natural nutritional yeast is a living organisms, itself contains rich proteins, vitamins, nucleic acids and other nutritional ingredients, it also contains high phosphorus () necessary for human body, as phosphorus and calcium in the human body to absorb a certain percentage limitation, namely calcium phosphorus than in the case of more than 2 to 1 for good absorption use, both calcium should be more than phosphorus.And we tend to have higher levels of phosphorus in our diet.

Therefore, in order to adjust the coordination of calcium and phosphorus ratio, natural ultrafine calcium carbonate was added to the product.As the addition of calcium carbonate from natural sources, so the product is still pure natural products.Because products only calcium carbonate in the form of salt in the stomach will decompose into acid radical and ions, and other minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium element is combined with state of life, not in gastrointestinal into ions and acid radical, but are absorbed directly to use, so the natural nutrition of calcium, iron, zinc, selenium yeast will influence each other such as absorption.

Nov.05, 2018