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Knowledge of Yeast Polysaccharide
- Nov 07, 2018 -

Yeast is a group of single-celled eukaryotic microorganisms. Widespread in nature, high sugar content and slightly acidic environment, if the product, vegetables, nectar and plant leaves surface, vineyards and other orchard soil is a good place to screen yeast. Yeast can also be found in animal waste and milk. There are also small amounts of yeast in the air, most of which are saprophytic and few of which are parasitic.

Yeasts come in various forms and vary with species. Common ones are spherical, oval, ovoid, lemon-shaped and salami shaped. Some yeasts are joined by their daughter cells to form chains and become candida.

The size of yeast cells varies greatly according to species, with a diameter of 1~5 mm and a length of 5~30 mm or longer. The yeast used in the feed is generally 4~8 in diameter and 5~16 in diameter.

All sorts of yeasts have certain size and shape, but also decide fungus age, environmental condition. Even in pure culture, there are differences in morphology and size. Generally, mature cells were larger than young cells, liquid culture was larger than solid culture, and the individual was larger with sufficient nutrition and fresh culture medium.

Currently, 100 genera and more than 700 species are known in the taxonomic study of yeast, but only two species of beer yeast and candida are available in animal husbandry.

What is yeast polysaccharide?

Yeast polysaccharides are large molecular carbohydrate polymers extracted from the cell wall of yeast.

What are yeast polysaccharides mainly used in pig farms?

Yeast polysaccharides have been widely used in the breeding industry as an efficient and safe probiotics. It can improve the immunity and enhance the disease resistance of animals. Among them, the performance in pig breeding is 1. Reduce stress and enhance adaptability to the environment. Improve your health and reduce your chances of getting sick. 3. As an immune adjuvant, strengthen the antibody protection level. 4. It has good effect of non-specific immune regulation. Reduce medications and costs.

What are the functions of yeast polysaccharides in the body?

Studies have shown that yeast polysaccharides have the following effects on immunity: (2) activated macrophages in the body, it is generally believed in vivo reticuloendothelial system under the stimulus of glucan, produce a lot of play a key role in the body's immune function of macrophages, and macrophages by phagocytosis absorption, destruction and removal of internal injuries, aging, death, and invasion of pathogenic microorganisms in the body's own cells; To increase the ability of an animal to produce natural killer cells; Animals can be induced to develop non - specific immunity to candidiasis to improve survival. In order to improve the animal immunity, improve the animal health, and increase the adaptability of the animals to the external bad stimulation, so as to improve the production performance and increase the economic benefits.

5. What is the mechanism of action of yeast cell wall polysaccharides?

... glucan is a kind of polysaccharide with special structure, which is different from other sugars. Generally, the sugar monosaccharides are combined by the bonds of osan 1,4, while the monosaccharides in osan are connected by the bonds of osan 1,3 and osan 1,6. It is the most immune-active and absorbable form of the special ultrahelix molecular structure. Its specific configuration is easy to accept by the immune system. Most animals reticuloendothelial system there are a large number of macrophages, in general, macrophages are not active, when beta glucan by LECTIN (macrophages on the surface of a kind of special protein) combined with macrophages after activated macrophages, and can induce the body to produce a series of cellular immunity and humoral immune response, free so as to improve the body's immune function, so also known as beta glucan for immune polysaccharides. In recent years, studies have shown that oene-glucan can improve lysozyme activity, increase the activity of immune-related enzymes, and activate B cells and T cells.

Nov.07, 2018

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