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Introduction of Yeast
- Aug 23, 2018 -

Introduction of Yeast

I. What is yeast?

Yeast is an type of edible fungus. It is unicellular organism. At present, humanity's known yeasts are about 1000 types. The yeast described in this article is the edible yeast that fermented in the medium of molasses. Specially, in this article we mainly introduce the yeast emulsion, fresh yeast, and dry yeast, which are used for fermenting the dough of bread and other wheaten food.

Yeast is a type of very nutritious food. About 5000 years ago, the human began to use yeast to ferment food. The western developed countries are the first to use it to make bread. In China, Mongolian herdsman and Xinjiang Uygur also use yeast to make foods like pancake. In modern developed countries like Japan, European countries, South Korea, and China Taiwan, the yeast is widely used for health care products and nourishment. In our daily life, put some yeast into the milk, coffee, and porridge is essential. The most typical health extract, glutathione and yeast nucleic acid are all used as additives of health care products. It is very important to human health.

Yeast like to grow in the warm and moist environment, which has rich maltobiose and amylaceum saccharum. Blastogenesis is the main growth method. The original strain comes from the natural environment with rich nectar. After optimization and cultivation, it become to the industrial fermented strain. Yeast doesnt have any toxic and side effect. It is a type of safe food. The usage of yeast in China far behind developed countries. In early days of new China, the annual output of Shanghai Yeast Factory is 12 tons. The current biggest yeast factory in China, Angel Yeast, was established in 1986. In other words, the wide application of yeast began in 1986. In 2017, the annual output of yeast in China has been over 230000 tons.

Now, yeast has been the necessary food in our daily life. In 2006, the China authoritative expert published the article on the Chine Food Newspaper, and allege that The time of yeast as come.

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Aug.23, 2018