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How to Use Yeast for Steamed Buns
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Small steamed buns, the staple food of Chinese people, are sometimes mentioned.The day before yesterday, an article about how to ferment steamed bread was reposted on popular websites and Weibo.Contrary to other reports about food safety, some of the views expressed in the article have been widely questioned.

"Joanna Loves Baking" in the us warns: "don't classify everything as additives because of food safety."Moonpie niuniu," a user in Japan, wondered: "can't even use yeast?"Shanghai pudong "quiet zhizhi-liang" think: "a swarm of bees chasing in the food safety dye VAT, overcorrected.""Love lulu luerkang V", a user in Shanghai, complained that the yeast was lying under the gun.

Consumer: "old face" restoration is not desirable

This article is obviously to "old noodles steamed bread" very praise.For "old bread", how do consumers see it?

"Many years ago, our hometown used to make steamed bread with old leaven, but now we don't need it because it is very troublesome and unhygienic."Liu, who lives in white dragon well, said.

According to her, "the old way is to leave a small piece of steamed bread for each time. When you use it next time, break it up and add it to the flour to make the dough.""Old noodles piece unsanitary, often grow mildew, insect infestation etc.""And very not easy hair is good, often cause dead face, rancidity and so on, want to add alkali face, but the steamed bread that makes is not become acid, not be yellow, have alkali astringency."

"Now we use yeast to make noodles at home. They are fast and healthy. The steamed bread is delicious."She said: some people say that the old steamed bread is chewy, in fact, is not developed into a dead noodles, with the addition of alkali, steamed bread has a different taste.

In comments, some consumers also confirmed that adding alkali to steamed buns can cause B vitamin damage and turn yellow.And the yeast steamed bread is without alkali.

"Old face has become an unhealthy synonym, not nutrition, not hygiene, how can a reporter blind recommendation?"Ms liu smiled ruefully.

Expert: yeasts are food, not additives

Yang zizhong, vice President of the fermentation flour branch of the China grain and oil society, was indignant at the article. "yeast is labeled as an additive," he said.

Yeast is a kind of beneficial microorganism. Like mushrooms, it belongs to fungi, which contains protein, vitamin, mineral and dietary fiber and other nutrients.In China's GB2760 code, yeast is classified as "food", and its classification number in the code is 16.04.In western countries, yeast has been used as food in bread fermentation for thousands of years.

Yang zizhong said: according to China's production license number rules, if it belongs to food, its QS license Numbers are all QS+12 Arabic Numbers.If it is an additive, its QS certificate number is composed of XK+10 digits.At present, all the QS license Numbers of yeast enterprises are food license Numbers, namely QS+12 Arabic Numbers

Business: steamed bread ingredients have exquisite, "harmful" is alarmist

In addition, the article also mentioned the improver of steamed bread. In fact, it is now a kind of raw material widely used by many steamed bread houses and dough making enterprises, which can play a role of "fluffy, soft and better appearance".

Is this material legal to use?In the interview, we learned that the use of breads is completely legal.The ingredients are all permitted by national laws and regulations.

"Breads can greatly improve the quality of dough without damaging the nutrition of flour.For those who make steamed buns, they are bigger, better looking and more likely to attract business.Said the technical director of babi steamed bread, a well-known noodle chain in Shanghai.

"Although mantou conditioner is a food additive, there is no problem of abuse, because overuse will only increase the cost of the producer.Used within the limits set by the state, this is the scope of safe use."A well-known domestic flour point expert said.

Oct.25, 2018