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How To Eat Brewer Yeast Powder
- Jul 19, 2018 -

How to eat 1,

Ingredients: 1 TSP lecithin, 1 TSP beer yeast powder, 1 TSP wheat germ, 1 TSP coix kernel powder (available in health food stores with the above ingredients), 1/2 apple (peeled), 1 slice pineapple (peeled), 1/2 tomato (peeled), 1 bottle yogurt.

How to do it: clean all the materials and pour them into a blender.

How to eat: people who want to lose weight fast eat every day instead of any two meals, can be healthy, easy to lose weight. For people who are constipated and prone to fatigue, drinking a large glass of water each morning will help.

How to eat 2,

Ingredients: yogurt, beer yeast powder.

How to do it: add 15g of yeast into 90 g of yogurt and mix well.

How to eat it: eat it 1-2 times a day. At least one meal a day is a balanced meal.

Notes: about 120 calories of beer yeast powder and yogurt are added. It is recommended not to use it for a long time, otherwise it is vulnerable to nutritional imbalance. It is recommended that this method be modified to maintain a normal diet of at least one meal a day, with beer yeast flour yogurt as a substitute for dessert or dinner. If take a lot, you may have diarrhea.

Jul.19, 2018