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Glutathione in Yeast (2)
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The GSH has been widely used in various fields of food industry. In flavouring foods, together with sodium glutamate, nucleic acid, and other flavouring materials, the GSM can produce strong meat flavour. Be used for meat, fish, and seafood, the GSH can Inhibit the decomposition of nucleic acid, strength the flavour, and extend the shelf life. In dairy products, the GSH can strength the flavour, increase the quality, and protect the protein from browning. Adding the GSH into yoghourt and baby food, similar with Vitamin C, it has the effect of stabilization. Because the GSH has oxidation-reduction quality, when add the GSH into flour products, it can strength the amino acid, and make it to different types of functional foods. If add the GSH into drinks, candies, dairy products, flour products and fermenting products as the nutrient supplements, it can be used for pregnant woman. In the brewing industry, the anti-aging ability of beer can be increased by choosing the brewer yeast bacterial strain that can produce high quantity GSH. The stability of beer’s flavour can be increased too. In Japan, the GSH is regard as one of the most hopeful health foods.


Sep.10, 2018